Ottawa Workshop


HaaB Seminar
Ottawa, Ontario
October  4 – 6, 2011

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HaaB Agenda


1. HaaB – The Big Picture

2 a. Potential Revenue Sources Through HaaB

2b. Components of a Housing Business Plan

3a. Economic Impact of Residential Construction

3b. PreConditions to Home Ownership

4. CEOP Helping HaaB

5. Piikani Nation
6. First Nations Market Housing Fund

7. AANDC Update

8. Aboriginal Business Canada

9. Construction In Pursuit of Excellence

10. Training & Apprenticeship Opportunities

11. Land Tenure

12. OFNTSC Services

13. First Nation Housing Construction Company

14. Six Nations Housing Fund

15. Actual First Nation Revolving Loan

16. Curve Lake Housing as a Business

17. CMHC Housing Market

18. Components of a First Nation Housing Policy

19. Practicial Application of the Big Picture
20. Next Steps