Revolving Loan Fund Symposium

HaaB, together with Abscan, convened a group of community leaders and practitioners from First Nation housing success stories to focus on the development and effective management of revolving loan funds (RLF) for First Nation housing. The event took place in the form of a Revolving Loan Fund Symposum held on Jan. 19-21, 2016 in Kahnawake, QC and 17 (seventeen) First Nation communities participated from across Canada as well as INAC, CMHC and the McConnell Foundation.   

The goal of the 2.5-day event was to reflect the needs in policy thinking at all levels of
government (federal, provincial, territorial and community-based) to mirror supports and funding that could accrue better results and returns if they were used to support best practices.
The key concepts of current best practices, shaping a RLF networking consortium and focusing on the development and management of effective RLFs were well-received by the participating First Nations and outsides agencies. As a result both HaaB and Abscan continue to work together with stakeholders to advance the efforts of such programs.
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