Saskatoon Workshop


HaaB Seminar
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
August 21 – 23, 2012

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1-1 HaaB – The Big Picture
1-2 Business Opportunities Derived Through HaaB

1-3 Training and Apprenticeship Opportunities

2-1 First Nation Market Housing Fund

2-2 How to Make Money with HaaB

2-3 Construction in Pursuit of Excellence

2-4 The Akwesasne Experience

2-5 Chief Wallace Fox

2-6 a CMHC

2-6 b CMHC

2-6 c CMHC

2-6 d CMHC
2-7 FSIN Housing Equity Fund Concepts

2-8 a Curve Lake First Nation

2-8 b Curve Lake First Nation

2-8 c Curve Lake First Nation

3-1 Tribal Council Investments Group

3-2 a HaaB Recap
3-2 b HaaB Recap