Tools and Templates


Mortgage and Loan

Mortgages_FAQs – Law Help Ontario
Path to Homeownership – Can Real Estate Assoc


Needs Analysis

Community Awareness Plan for Housing Strategy
Discussion Paper Kahnawake V 4.1
Housing Need_and_Demand_Template – Mar2010 BC
Housing Needs Assessment – SM Guide Template Preparing
Housing Needs Assessment FEB27 – BC
HOUSING-Development Effective Community Strategies for First Nation Housing – PARTICIPANT MANUAL
How to develop housing needs assessments aahe-guidebook
Kitimat Housing Needs Assesment 2012-03-23
Local-Housing-and-Homelessness-Plans-starter-kit 2012

Revolving Loan Fund Information

A,B,C’s of a Revolving Loan Fund – HaaB Nov 2014
CDBG Program Income AND RLF Manual
Centre for Development of Finance Associations – RLFs
Guidance for Design of Community-Managed Revolving Loan Funds
Revolving Loan Fund -PRIMER
RLF – Steve Mercer, Mercer Business Support Services
Samuel Booth 2009 – Revolving Loan Funds – Basics and Best Practices
V2 WDC WUIR Revolving Loan Fund Draft Business Plan Chief and Council Presentation December 15th, 2014

Sample Business Documents_Forms

GENERIC – Revolving Loan Agreement
mortgage agreement Curve Laje
mortgage and renovation loan application
Sample Loan Agrmt – Affordable Housing Progam
Sample Loan Agrmt – Download Assets


Grand River Employment and Training
Ministry of Aboriginal Affairs
National Aboriginal Forestry association